Services For MRI Professionals Only

Online Database Saves Technologists Time

MRI Technologists can spend 4-8 hours per week searching for MRI implant safety information and not find it! This searchable ONLINE MRI SAFETY DATABASE offers MR Imaging professionals the ability to seek out information regarding medical implant devices by data fields, such as Model Name, Model Number, and Manufacturer Name. MagResource provides hyperlinks to manufacturer’s information and websites documenting the safety status of medical implant devices. Additionally, manufacturer direct contact information will be available.

Magresource Will Research Unlisted Devices

MagResource will respond to communications regarding devices, that are searched for but not found in our database. These devices will be researched for immediate inclusion. Plus, as manufacturer’s products change through mergers and acquisitions MagResource will track their product offerings.

Contact Manufacturers

MagResource will contact medical equipment manufacturers for information regarding the MRI safety and compatibility of implant devices for inclusion to the database.

Forward FDA Medwatch Alerts

MAGRESOURCE will forward to current database clients, FDA MedWatch communications related to MRI implant safety, and add applicable links to the database.