A database is a tool for organizing and storing information. Databases make retrieval of information faster and easier.

Not at all, because the user never comes in contact with the actual database. Most subscribers learn the Search Engine operation in minutes. User input to a Search Form tells the search engine what information to retrieve. MagResource furnishes a downloadable “In-service” for subscribers to use at any time.

References provide the support documentation attesting to the MRI safety status of a particular implant. With the change to the new ASTM Terminology Standards in progress, MRI technologists need to see the context of the reference document, because Safe, MRI Safe, and MR Safe do not all have the same definition.

Absolutely not! MagResource’s first choice is manufacturer’s published information as manufacturers are ultimately responsible for documenting their products.

  • MagResource has MORE Devices than any other source
    The current database has more than 18,000 medical implant devices.
  • MagResource has MORE References
    MagResource has 2500 MRI safety status reference documents!
  • MagResource has NEWER References
    Many MRI safety studies used for references are 10-15 years old. At MagResource 96% of references are less than eight years old!
  • MagResource has MORE 3T “MR Conditional” (New ASTM Std) Items
  • Only MagResource has a MODEL NUMBER Search and more than 20,000 model numbers
  • Only MagResource displays the manufacturers (new ASTM Standard) “MR Conditional” data in the Search Results
  • Only MagResource identifies which information is old FDA Standard and which is new ASTM Standard
  • Only MagResource has a Printable Reference for EVERY Implant Device
  • Only MagResource provides the manufacturer’s contact information

Whenever possible the manufacturer’s telephone, fax and website are listed with the manufacturer’s company name, in case you need more information.

  • Only MagResource maintains records of device acquisitions, so that legacy information is not lost and is available to MR technologists to access.
  • A book does not come with a search engine!
  • To revise a book it must be reprinted and repurchased annually. Waiting a year for new data is not acceptable, when it is needed for a scan this week! At no additional cost to subscribers MagResource is updated daily.

A database is superior! In a database individual pieces of information are linked to each other electronically. For example, entering a company’s name allows you to find everything that company manufactured. Entering a model number can help users to find an implant name and MRI safety information. From any of several type searches, all connected information can be found.


This real-life example demonstrates how a database can help find the required data, even when the furnished information is incomplete. The product label shown here is a replica of the real one. The bar codes and insignificant numbers have been obscured. The product name, Reference and Lot Number are real. No company name or logo was printed on the actual label.


Searching the MagResource database for “HydroCoil” as a Model Name finds the manufacturer’s name and all other electronically linked information.

Searching the database for “100” as a Model Number finds that there are about one hundred models starting with “100” for HydroCoil.

All information related to this implant may be found by searching for “HydroSoft,” or “Helical,” as well.

If fact, entering a segment of a piece of information allows the user to find all related data.

With the MagResource desktop icon the MRI safety status information for this tag can be retrieved in less than 10 seconds after typing and printed with two mouse clicks!

MagResource seeks to reduce technologist research time and research by multiple MR facilities searching for the same information.

Currently, MagResource employs Webroot TM Secure Anywhere Antivirus software. All that is required of MRI sites to use the MagResource Database is access to the Internet. MRI sites are provided with a login and password embedded in a hyperlink to access a menu-driven search page. Patient specific information is not required or accepted by MagResource for database search capabilities.

The original MRI Safety database file is stored in a private folder, which can only be accessed by MagResource, in an off-site, secure location. Our server hosting organization provides power, network and data backup.

All printable files that can be downloaded from the database are in AdobeTM Reader PDF format, without any non-PDF attachments. Letters, faxes and IFU’s that can be downloaded as PDF files originate with medical implant manufacturers. Files and emails are checked for virus infection in both sending and receiving directions.

MagResource will do the research for subscriber sites at no additional cost.