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One Time Site Set-up Fee: $100 - for all new subscriptions
One Scanner - 1-Year Subscription: $240 per Year
Additional Scanners, on same invoice: $60 per Scanner per Year

Subscription Agreement: Subscription Fee is not based on the number of computers on which MagResource is installed, but covers the use of MagResource Database on a per site per scanner basis, with one fee for the first scanner and a reduced fee for each additional scanner. All scanners at the site location must be included in this Agreement. Access to the database software may not be furnished, without prior agreement of Magresource LLC, to other subscriber site locations or third parties without violating this Agreement and existing copyright laws. Delivering access of the database to unauthorized users may lead to disconnection. Initial Subscription shall continue for One-Year from date of Subscription. An invoice for an additional year will be sent 2-4 weeks preceding the subscription expiration month. Password access may be denied on 30 days overdue invoices.


I, hereby, agree to the Subscription Agreement as stated above: